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Clinical Outcomes Study & Grass Roots Centers

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

The project has two components; 1) the ‘human/healing’ - patient benefit and the ‘Charitable Component’ of the project, helping hundreds of thousands, and eventually millions of low-back-pain patients world-wide, including low-income patients, to get-back-to-work and improved quality of life including reducing the economic and social impact and improving spine surgery outcomes; and 2) there is a huge financial incentive to Ortho-Gnostics, Inc., and to Mekanika’s Shareholders to complete this project. The dollar value to the Company can be seen in the 6th Year Pro Formas – the projected financial statements – SEE PAGE 8 BELOW FOR THE PRO FORMA INCOME STATEMENT. The attached pro formas Income Statement projects a revenue stream of over $133MM from a combination of Spinal Stiffness Gauge [SSG] capital equipment sales, SSG disposables sales, SHOWN IN FIGURE 1,

Figure 1: Spinal Stiffness Gauge Hardware for the Clinical Outcomes Study

and additional significant income from surgical (intraoperative) diagnostic fees and clinical diagnostic fees resulting from the outcome database, SHOWN IN FIGURE 2, next page. This ‘diagnostic’ Clinical Outcomes Database is the prize we seek, the fruit of all the research. It will drive improved patient outcomes (surgery and conservative care) and generate the user fees. By Year 6, over 500,000 patients will have either been diagnosed with the SSG equipment or will have used the clinic based clinical outcomes diagnostic database, or both. And an equal number of patients/clients will have been through the Ortho-Gnostics, Inc., sponsored grassroots SpineCareCenters by this time in over 200 cities worldwide.

Combining patient groups provides a one million patient aftercare market for the Company,

Figure 2: All Surgical Data and SpineCareCenter Data becomes the Clinical Outcomes Database


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1 Comment

David C Holmes
David C Holmes
Jul 23, 2019

Dear Shareholders; feel free to comment on the above subject; including any ideas/suggestions that you may have. If warranted, I will respond in the post but I would like as many Mekanika Shareholders as possible to participate.

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