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Updated: Aug 28, 2019

The biggest hurdle to the $100MM institutional (VC) investment and Foundation funding is travel funds to meet with both Foundation and Venture Capital funding sources, and ongoing operating funds/expenses. We also need funds for upcoming product Patent fees to protect our proprietary equipment, the Spinal Stiffness Gauge – SSG, a vital component of the Ortho-Gnostics, Inc.

I am committed to either getting Ortho-Gnostics completely funded, or the Company sold in the next 24 - 36 months. Before we do either one of these, we need to complete Company financial audits, SSG equipment upgrades, FDA regulatory filings, upcoming 2018 SSG patent fees in the amount of $3,780, new provisional SSG/Implant patent filings, etc. etc. The goal is to raise up to $300,000 for the rest of the year - the next 12 - 18 months, primarily from existing Mekanika shareholders. For this purpose, and to avoid diluting Mekanika’s Shareholders, I have retired 600,000 of my Mekanika shares to the Company’s Treasury, to be sold at $0.50/share to existing shareholders only. – See Figure 3 for a breakdown of the $300,000 financing.

When we receive Foundation funding or a large equity investment, the Company will provide a means by which existing Shareholders, who need to, or want to, sell their shares to existing shareholders or to new investors; for example: “Over the last several years, stockholders/shareholders in many private companies have participated in so-called “liquidity rounds”, sometimes referred to as secondary sales, in which they sold all or a portion of their shares for cash, long before (and regardless of whether) the company ever goes public or is acquired.”

With an average investment now of between $1,500 and $5,000 per Shareholder, for example, we can meet the $300,000 goal outlined in the Shareholder Update. We really need Shareholder support to build value in the Company over the next 12-24 months while we seek Foundation and VC investment for the Ortho-Gnostics Project.



"Sitting on the Fence" ≥ $55,000.

I could really use your participation in the $300k Shareholder Financing to help insure a significant return on your entire investment. If you wish to purchase Mekanika shares at $0.50/share, please click on the following link for the document titled: SHAREHOLDER INVESTMENT &_CONTACT INFORMATION FORM, print it out or download it to your computer, fill it out, and mail it, along with your check made payable to Mekanika, Inc., to:

Mekanika, Inc.,

1501 SE Decker Ave Suite 107

Stuart, FL 34994

I will follow up with a Mekanika Shareholder stock certificate in your name, or the name that you request, as listed on the investment form.

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Jacques de Vaucanson
Jacques de Vaucanson
Aug 24, 2020

Update on Shareholder Financing please and Company sale date.


David C Holmes
David C Holmes
Jul 23, 2019

Dear Shareholders; feel free to comment on the above subject; including any ideas/suggestions that you may have. If warranted, I will respond in the post but I would like as many Mekanika Shareholders as possible to participate.

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